Residential PV system installation in Middletown, VA

        Mid-Atlantic Solar Solutions completed this 14.56kW ground mount system in December 2017.  They chose Chilicon Power’s microinverter technology to deliver smart optimization, ground fault protection, and reliability to these Shenandoah Valley homeowners. The 25-year warranty and ease of remote monitoring also made Chilcon an easy choice for this system.

Paired with the Chilicon microinverters were (52) SolarWorld monocrystalline black-on-black Sunmodules, also backed by a 25 year warranty. The panels were mounted on an IronRidge ground mount racking system, providing heavy-duty support and a clean look for the system.

The 30% Federal ITC credit and net metering allowed the homeowners to maximize their investment, and the Chilicon microinverters were installed with the possibility of future AC coupling with battery backup. The homeowner has now achieved a net zero home and is able to sell the excess power back to their power provider until they decide to expand into storage on this customized system.

My wife and I built a new home in the northwestern part of Virginia. We wanted a sustainable and affordable solution to generate solar power so that we could minimize our dependency on the grid (or at a minimum, offset our costs for grid connectivity and provide power back to the grid if possible). The system recommended and installed by Cody produces considerable power for most daytime requirements. The power is brought back to our main power panel at the house (the conversion from DC to AC is done at each solar panel). We did not opt for a battery bank since that would double the cost, hard to justify the ROI (return on investment) and require future considerable maintenance. What Cody installed is efficient, sustainable and affords us many options (including adding wind power in the future to the same infrastructure at minimal cost). Cody did the research and found the correct products and components that are dependable and come with a considerable manufacturers' warrantee (25 to 30 years). We recommend that Cody as a good choice.   Kenneth Roko, CEO, RGI Technologies, Inc.
14.56kW ground mount system
14.56kW ground mount system
14.56kW ground mount system
Sustainable energy that we can offer you 

"I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that."

Thomas Edison

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     Mid Atlantic Solar Solutions is a Solar Development, Installation, and Consulting company that values Honesty, and Quality work. Serving all of Northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Arlington, Middleburg, The Shenandoah Valley as well as all West Virginia. Having a Class A Contractors License in Virginia and West Virginia. Our goal is to work with our clients to help lower electrical cost or completely eliminate them with Photovoltaic Solar generation. 



Help grow your business with commercial solar energy systems from small businesses to large commercial establishments there is no job to big. When owning are a large business the cost to have electricity can be highly expensive, by installing solar energy systems you can help reduce or even eliminate the costs of electricity. As well as help with reducing emissions from traditional energy sources that produce greenhouse gasses such as Carbon dioxide.

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When utilizing PV solar systems the energy produced by the solar panels can earn solar credit which can be sold back to your local power company. Known as net metering or a power purchase agreement. Also by using battery storage with PV solar systems, you can be completely sustainable and off-grid.


With the Federal Investment Tax Credit, you can get 30% tax credit back for the cost  of the entire system and installation.


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